Withdrawals from Sarcosine

Let me start by saying that the website from which I buy sarcosine says if you’re going to stop to do it gradually not cold turkey. I just want to write a short post about what I’m going through right now. I ordered my Sarcosine last Friday and it still hasn’t been shipped yet. I’ve been a full day and a half without it. In the interest of full disclosure because I advocated for this product; I want to let you know that there are some withdrawals when you stop taking it cold turkey, which I accidentally found myself doing because I ran out. On websites that sell this product it recommends gradually stepping down before coming off.

I ran out yesterday but I had my morning dose and half of my afternoon dose. That night I felt slightly off but was still well enough. This morning after I took my meds I went to my first job, where I had trouble concentrating on tasks slightly. I got out of work at 2pm and went home until I had to be at my second job for 5pm. My second job I deliver pizzas. I was on my first delivery which happened to be a double and I was going down the road when it hit me like a truck. I had a panic attack, for someone who doesn’t have panic attacks it was quite the jarring experience. Full on adrenaline rush, palms were so sweaty that it was hard to grip the steering wheel and I felt like the entire world was closing in on me. I managed to make the deliveries and when I got back I asked my manager (who is also a close friend and who knows about my illness) if I could go home.

I got home and put ear plugs in, closed the blinds and pulled the blanket over my head. I also took L-theanine which seemed to help. It’s now 11:49pm and since I’ve been home I’ve been agitated, I’ve had anxiety and trouble focusing. So this is just a warning to all about what happens when you find yourself in my position.

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