Pushing back.

When we view schizophrenia in today’s day and age, we are troubled by all the stigma surrounding it. Movies spreading free, the media blaming every bad incident on mental illness. Everyone scared to talk to someone for the fear that has been instilled in them by folklore.

While writing this, a sad thought has come to mind. I highly doubt anyone with schizophrenia could possibly enter politics. They would eaten alive by the stigma and would never gain favor because of people’s misguided stigma.

Other than social media and some random organizations there isn’t that many people fighting for the rights of the mentally ill. You would think that if we were as big of a problem as the media proclaims that there would be more done to help us get better treatment. A lot of people can be functioning members of society if they are given proper treatment. So is there any good reason why people aren’t protesting or creating movements to help us.

The mental health movement need a push. More needs to be done starting at the root of our education. Classes in schools need to be created. Awareness needs to be spread. We are people too and need as much protection as anybody else, if not then more. We are more likely to be taken advantage of or harmed by someone who is “normal” than us doing it to them.

If more people were educated, no if everyone was educated on mental illness I think there would be a lot more help out there.

5 thoughts on “Pushing back.

    1. They play a big role but there’s much more to it than them. The fear of schizophrenia stems way back when the Catholic Church was in power. They attributed schizophrenia to demonic possession. They would preform painful exorcisms on the mentally ill to cleanse them. The fear of us is deep rooted and goes back a long time. Hollywood doesn’t help with their atrocious portrayal of us.


      1. I read a book that covered how the clergy used to take care of the mentally ill because society believed mental illness was in their realm. Then, the asylums came in and took over as the primary caregivers. And, I guess the Catholic Church isn’t so Freudian who said I believe it’s repressed thoughts or feelings.


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