The Mental Connection Delusion

My mental connect delusion is different every time. Although it revolves around a central idea, I’m mentally connected to something. There’s a wide range of things that I have thought I was mentally connected to at one time or another. Never seems to be any rhyme or reason to it but at the time it totally makes sense.

I’ve posted about my tv delusion and I guess that falls under this category. In some way or another, I’ve even had intersecting delusions between the tv delusion and different forms the mental connection one. I’ve thought that I was mentally connected to the world through the tv. I’ve also heard trees communicating about the tv. I’ve even mentally traveled through the tv to different places. One thing remains constant, I am connected mentally.

I’ve often thought I felt trees communicating through electrical pulses. Pulses I could pick up on by delusional sixth sense. It was like talking to an old man. They would talk about the weather. Brag about all the things they’ve felt and complain about the birds crapping on them. On the more pleasant side of my delusions for sure.

The worst is when a delusion intrigues me. It can be hard to let go of sometimes and back when my life was really depressing, I often preferred my delusions over reality. It can be a hard thing to comprehend but when you are completely socially isolated, it’s hard not to want to escape. I guess we all search for a connection in some way or another.

I stay away from religion now a days because it’s one of the most influential ideals of my delusions. I’d rather not talk about some of these delusions as it borderlines blasphemy. I shouldn’t hold it in though, so here we go. One of my reoccurring connection delusions is that I was somehow connected to Jesus. My mind altered the way the story goes in that Jesus had a son in secret, and I am somehow a descendent of him. I’ve also thought that I was actually Adam from the Adam and Eve story. God was punishing us for eating the forbidden fruit and that he was holding a grudge. That this world was designed just to torment us and there wasn’t anything we could do about it. I want to talk about this delusion more in depth in a later post. For now that’s all. Have a good one everyone

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