The TV delusion

I started experiencing things when I was around 15. One of my reoccurring delusions during my teenage years and on was that the tv was always talking about me. I’d be doing something and I’d have the tv going in the background. I hear a word or a phrase that would be in my mind about me. My mind liked to tell me that the tv knew things about me and that everyone on it was talking about it. People on the tv were indirectly talking to me or about me while they were doing what they do.

Eventually I stopped being such a tv person. Every time I had an episode the tv would drive me up a wall. The only way I could get peace would be to get away from it. As far as a consistent delusion, I’d say this one has happened the most.

A lot of times the tv would expand and contract. Many things would do this but the tv did it the most. It’s almost a hypnotic effect because of how smooth it transitions.

Also part of this delusion was when I would watch something and if I wasn’t careful, I would get sucked into that time period. So say the movie was shot in 2005, my brainwaves would be sucked into then. If somehow the channel was changed, or if I freaked out and turned it off, a part of myself would be lost in that time period. A part of me that I would never get back.

Thats my tv delusion.

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