Hope comes in many forms. The light at the end of the tunnel, the sun rising to begin a new day, or in a simple cup of coffee. In hard times we search for hope. The problem is, it may not be right there in our faces. That’s when you need to dig deeper. You start searching in places you may not have thought to look before. It’s important to keep your morale up. Seek healthy ways to make yourself happy, even with little things. Sometimes all it takes is a couple hot coffees to perk you up. A warm home cooked meal would do you wonders. Sometimes you may have trouble finding things to keep you going.

When you have trouble finding something to keep you going, it’s time to look smaller. They say it’s the little things that mean the most, I believe this apples to more than just relationships. Keeping yourself happy during the day rough times can be difficult, may even seem impossible but there are ways to do it. Change the sheets on your bed. I know I always liked the feeling of fresh sheets. Get yourself a hair cut or take a hot shower. Never underestimate how some of the most tiniest things can help you immensely.

Most of all, never give up on finding hope and remember that hope comes in all forms. Hope is a powerful asset that cannot be measured. Dark times call out for everything you’ve got.

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