The good things in life.

I’m sure we’ve all heard it, the good things in life are hard to find. Could it be maybe we’ve lost touch with how important the little things are. Think about how easy it could be to find a good thing that’s maybe small, that happened during your day! Maybe even a couple little good things that went right during your day. If you find yourself saying nothing went right today, then maybe you’re not looking small enough.

Little things often go unnoticed because of how they fit in the grand scheme of things. Even things that are really important go unappreciated because they are just the norms. Think about the big events during your day, it doesn’t matter wether it went well or not. Now think of all the little things that led you to that point. Like, your car starting, you filled it with gas the night before so you weren’t late because of filling up. When you went grocery shopping, maybe you bought some quick breakfast meals that saved you on time. It’s little things like that you need to appreciate. Also remember that when I say something is a little thing, it could be of Kathie importance to you. Try not to get hung up on that.

The norms of everyday living, unnoticed, unappreciated or maybe just thought of as that’s how it is now a days. Things like eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seems like just the norm right? If you ate something today, appreciate it. Commodities have become so second nature that maybe we’ve forgotten the importance of them. Believe me, if you’ve missed a meal or maybe had to chose between a meal or something else, you’re body will tell you about it.

Now back to the beginning. I believe if you find yourself saying the good things are hard to find, maybe even getting a little sad about it. Maybe you should look a little closer to yourself. Take a look away from the bigger picture for a moment, ground yourself to here and now, and just look at the little things that happen throughout your day. You may find that without those little things happening, you wouldn’t have made it to your big event. Maybe you wouldn’t have been able to stay in a good mood because you were running late and never bought that quick breakfast meal.

My big idea behind looking at the small things isn’t to just say appreciate them. It’s to step you in the right direction, so that when times are tough you have something to look for to maybe brighten your day. Good things can be hard to find if you’re not looking in the right places.

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