Not All Bad

You may think that all episodes for a schizophrenic are demonic and terrible. In most of my cases they are. Everyone now and again I get one that is not all bad. Back when I was a teenager, around 17 I had an episode that only lasted a few weeks. I had just got out  of the hospital for a second time and the meds were still getting into my system. I was alone, I had socially isolated myself from everyone. I dropped out of school and didn’t have anything close to a girlfriend.

During this episode a woman started talking to me, not like a normal conversation though. This woman and I were somehow connected through our minds. I could hear her thoughts if they were directed to me.

She was on the other side of the world though, me being without a job the furthest I could go was the back yard. Apparently we had time though, because we were destined to be together. Neither of us accepted this at first. Which became a problem because the rules of the episode is you have to want to believe it.

Pretty soon our mental connection was fading. I had to resort to writing little notes and the burying them. So how that was my way of communicating with her.

Obviously I never received a note back but in my head I did. She told me she was a famous singer. Never did get a name or number.

There wasn’t much to this delusion and after a short while my medications kicked in and the episode was over. I never spoke about this to anyone and when no one was looking I dug up the notes and threw them away. It would have been pretty embarrassing if anyone were to find them.

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